Digmi (dig-me), adj: having the ability to make the world notice you for your unique style and passionate pursuit of living life through your dreams


"It started out as a description of style. It has evolved into a philosophy. An idea that each one of us can become whomever we choose to be, go wherever we choose to go, and live our lives with passion. Regardless of color, gender, age, or spiritual relationship. It has become an opportunity for us to show that individuality is worth more than fitting in."
—Ray Digmi, DIGMI Founder/Creative Director


It starts off with a pair of colorful sneakers and a fresh new lid to match. You wear that combo because it makes you feel good. There is something about what a fresh new pair of kicks does for you. You feel light on your feet, you feel quick, and most importantly you feel confident. You throw on a new T-shirt and a crisp pair of denim, and now you feel like you can conquer the world.

A few years back, that stylish look and confident attitude led to a nickname that would change the way we look at fashion and social culture. Those that exuded confidence and matched that with some color in their wardrobe, were known as being DIGMI. And before long, that DIGMI nickname became a badge of honor. It became a mantra of sorts, motto by many, and over time, a lifestyle that would come to embrace those who understood the importance of individuality and self expression.

Soon after, DIGMI decided to share its deep love for fashion and city life by creating a full length fashion line, appropriately titled, DIGMI. The collection features DIGMI's logo, a silhouette of a dapper dressed man tipping his cap. It is an expression that reminds us to appreciate the beautiful and the talented. But it is also a reminder that each one of us, regardless of sex, race, or age, has their own beauty and unique talents. The expression is here to remind all of us, that we are all DIGMI.

Today, the DIGMI fashion collection continues its growth nationally and internationally. With the help of people in town, students on campus, professional athletes in the biggest stadiums, and celebrities on the brightest stages, DIGMI is tipping its cap all over the world. With designs inspired from the streets of the big city to the beaches of the coasts, DIGMI continues to change the way we view fashion, each other, and most importantly ourselves.

Our Collection

The DIGMI collection has been created to change the way individuals look at style. Instead of focusing on just the fabric and garment, DIGMI challenges our culture to complement their choice or product with their own individual style of inner vision and self expression.

Too often we allow society to dictate our social behavior, choice of employment, and how we live our lives. DIGMI tips its cap to the styles that embrace individuality and encourages people to live their lives freely.

The DIGMI collection will feature an elaborate line of creative T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, to premium denim and knits, complemented by a range of lifestyle accessories.

Our entire line of products will be made of only the highest quality fabrics from designated manufacturers around the world, including the United States.

DIGMI is dedicated to providing exceptional customer satisfaction and service while creating a line that motivates and inspires us to LIVE.DREAM.BE.